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STAAD or (STAAD.Pro) is a structural analysis and design computer program originally developed by Research Engineers International. In recent past, Research Engineers International was bought by Bentley Systems.

STAAD. PRO is being used by construction companies for designing structures. It is specially used for multistorey buildings (concrete Design and steel Design). After becoming expert in Structural design, you can get a high paid job or you have opportunity to start your own consultancy.

Course Objectives

The only thing required for learning is that you should have basic knowledge of Structural Design. The course introduces engineers to using STAAD.Pro software for structural modeling, analysis, and design. Engineers who are using STAAD.Pro for the first time, and those who want a refresher course on the sophisticated modeling and analytical tools of the program will benefit.

The Course includes:
  • STAAD.Pro Workflow Process
  • Model Generation and editing tool
  • Property Assignment
  • Analyzing the Model
  • Post Processor
  • Steel Design
  • Concrete Design
  • Finite Element Modelling
  • Loads and Load Combinations
  • Design Beams, Columns, Walls, and Resisting Frames
  • Design as per Indian Standards: Steel Design (IS 800) &Concrete Design (IS 456)
  • Study about the different types of force and how to optimize the design.
  • Structural Design Documentation
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