Fits and Tolerance

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Course Name : Fits and Tolerance

Course Duration :

8 hrs

Who should attend :

This Training is for Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers & Quality Engineers. If you are having trouble understanding and interpreting Tolerance, this course is for you. In this program, we will focus on the “what, when, why, and how” of Fits and Tolerancing.

What is tolerance?

Due to inevitable inaccuracy of manufacturing methods, a part can not be made precisely to a given dimension, the difference between maximum and minimum limits of size is the tolerance.

The value of tolerance is provided based on following criteria: 

  • Functional requirements of mating parts
  • Cost of production
  • Available manufacturing process

What is fit?

When two parts are to be assembled, the relation resulting from the difference between their sizes before assembly is called a fit.

Course Content :

  • Why learn Fits and Tolerance
  • Terminology
  • Dimensioning
  • Tolerance grade in various manufacturing processes
  • Hole Basis and Shaft Basis for Fits
  • Tolerance symbols
  • Dimensioning of Tolerances -Rules
  • commonly used fits
  • How to apply the Tolerance symbol in Different CAD software like Solidworks, Creo, AutoCAD, etc.
  • Stack up Tolerance. 

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