Interview Question and Answers

Interview Q/A

A job interview is a formal meeting between the employer and prospective Employee, where the employer checks if the candidate being interviewed is suitable for the job.

The most important things to remember during Interview are:
– It is an opportunity to explain, why you are the best fit for the given role.
– Interview is a moment to be Cool as well as Confident.

During my 23 years Job and 12 years as a Businessman, I have attended many interviews as a Candidate and also conducted many interviews as /Interviewer/ Employer. Based on my experience, the most popular & important interview questions and tips to answer are given below:

Question-1: Tell me about yourself.
Alternate Question: Introduce yourself.

As a matter of fact, this is the most asked question. The idea is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The answer to this question sets the entire mood of the interview. You need to be true because the next question will be based on this answer.

Try to emphasize the things, which interviewer would like to listen. This is the time when interviewer is also checking, how confident you are, and how good is your communication skill.

Example Answer:
My name is Naresh and I am from Ghaziabad. I completed my schooling from Holy Cross Higher Secondary School and completed my Mechanical Engineering from Sharda University.

My hobbies are reading books, gardening and playing badminton. During my school, I participated in many extra-curricular activities and recently got overall championship in college for the year 2019.

My passion is to become a Design Engineer.

Question-2: Why do you want to work in our company ?

It is very important to visit the company website before you visit any company for an interview. Research about its services and its products.
Also, tell positive things about the company and prepare an answer in a way that your skills match with the company’s requirements.

Example Answer:
During my B. Tech, I was always interested in becoming a Designer. I know “company name” is known for “product name” and your company is creating opportunities for engineers to excel in their field of work. For me, this is a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Moreover, if the company is a start-up: I would love to be a part of an organization that is growing at a great speed. Start-ups are the best organization to grow fast with the company.

Question-3: What do you consider as your Strengths? Alternate Question: Tell us about your positive points

The answer should be small, but true. Don’t brag. Don’t hesitate from telling them your real strengths.

Example Answer:
I am a fast learner and my grasping power is good. Also, I work hard and don’t give up easily until I succeed.

Additionally, I have good expertise on Solidworks, and I have done many projects on Solidworks.

Question-4: What are your weaknesses? Alternate Question: Tell us about your negative points.

You need to think of something which can be a weakness but does not hinder the job opportunity you have right now.

If at all you think that there is any small weakness, just tell them about it and also tell the interviewer that you are working upon correcting it.

Example Answer:
I get up little late in the morning or I don’t care about my health. Now a days I am working on it. Since last one month I started getting up early and also started morning walk.
I have a sweet tooth. But now I trying to control it

Question-5: Why do you think you are a good fit for the company? Alternate Question: Why should we hire you?

Basically the interviewer is checking, if you understand about the job requirement and if you have the right skills.

Example Answer:
I am sure that I will excel in this environment and will be able to contribute in the success of this company. You need a good designer and I am also looking for a job in Design. For this I attended a course in Solidworks.

Question-6: What is your Expected Salary?

Since this article is for Freshers. Before walking in for the interview, check in advance, what salary they are offering by reading the Job Description. Moreover, if you are applying in a campus drive, ask your Training and Placement officer in advance.

Example Answer:
As I am a fresher, my focus right now is on learning new things and to enhance my knowledge. The salary which you are offering, suits my requirement.

Question-7: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Alternate Question: What position or salary do you expect after 5 years?

Basically interviewer is interested to know about your career goals and whether your goals are aligned with company goals.

Not to Mention that you want to start your own business and never say something, which shows your lack of interest for the company and the job.

Example Answer:

I would like to work here for next 5 years and become Design Manager. Also, I am excited about the opportunity to work with you and grow with time.

Question-8: Why do you want to leave your current job?

Even if it is true, but the most important things not to mention are:

  1.  Boss is not good.
  2.  Your colleagues are bad.
  3.  The company is going to be closed soon.
  4.  There is no growth or salary is less.
  5.  Or any other negative point.

Instead, you can say anything, which is not a negative point of current company.

Example Answer:
“Company Name” is near to my home, hence I will save 3 hrs of travelling, which I am doing in current job.
I would like to join in Design department in your company. In my current company there is no vacancy in Design department.
My present company is moving to a different city.

Question-9: What is your achievement till now?

Tell if you had good marks in your school or college. You can also tell , if your achievement in Game or any other competition.

Example Answer:
I scored 80% in class 10th. (or the your best marks in any class)

I never took pocket money from home, instead I worked after college to earn my pocket money.

Other than my studies, I participated in extra curricular activities like ……..

Question-10. Do you have question for me?
Alternate Question: Do you want to ask any question?

This is the last chance to leave an impression on the employer /interviewer. Equally important ask some intelligent question or something which shows your curiosity in the growth of the company.

Example Answer
Do you want me to prepare or learn something for this job ?

You can also ask about the future plans if it is a start-up company.

In the last I would like you to be confident. Don’t lose your heart , even if it didn’t go well. Happy job searching.

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