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Training on 3D modelling of Roll Cage and Other Vehicle Components for SAE Participants

Course Content
  • Roll cage 3D modeling  – the easy and efficient way.
  • Suspension design (How to decide suspension geometry and how to model it)
  • Steering design (How to decide steering geometry and how to model it
  • How to create the bodywork for your vehicle
  • Wheel hub and upright design
  • Rendering the final vehicle


– Training on FEA Analysis for SAE Participants (Ansys 14)

Course Content
  • How to calculate impact loads and analyze roll cage in Ansys Workbench
  • How to calculate suspension loads and analyze suspension assemblies
  • How to calculate steering loads and analyze steering assemblies
  • Fatigue analysis and life cycle prediction of components in SW
  • How to do structural and thermal analysis of disc brakes (calculations included)


– Training on Vehicle Designing Basics for SAE Participants

Course Content
  • How to calculate Vehicle dimensions and Roll cage dimensions
  • Suspension type
  • Steering type
  • Transmission type
  • Wheel and tire size
  • Calculate Wheel hub and upright type and dimensions
  • Brake types
  • Intake and exhaust system
  • Whether to buy a component or fabricate it
  • Different fabrication methods for different parts
  • Calculate Acceleration, top speed, and torque in different gears
  • Spring rates and wheel rates for suspension design
  • Calculate Braking distance, braking force, braking torque, brake pad pressure, and pedal ratio    
  • FMEA and GANTT chart preparation    
  • Manufacturing a full-size Mockup (Prototype) of Roll Cage

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