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We are Autodesk Authorised Training Centre in Greater Noida. With AutoCAD, you will be able to create precise drawings using simple tools. It will speed up your Drawing work and detailing work with productivity. It can also be used to collaborate with clients by publishing your drawing views to the cloud. AutoCAD is mainly used for creating 2D drawings. It may also be used for creating 3D models.


This course is made for new users who want to become experts in AutoCAD. Students will focus on learning Drawing/Drafting skills in this complete, hands-on course. They will get a chance to learn the basics of Engineering drawing. Also, they will create more than 30 exercises in this course.

Course Duration :

30 to 50 Hrs.

At our Institute, you will learn, how to:

  • Draw 2D drawings of mechanical parts and assemblies.
  • Create 3D models of mechanical parts and assemblies

Course Content

  1. Getting Started
    o Starting a new drawing
    o The screen layout
    o Command Line & using the keyboard
    o Opening an existing drawing
    o Creating New Drawings with Templates
  2.  Basic Drawing and Editing
    o Drawing Lines, Rectangles & Circles
    o Erasing Objects
    o Using Direct Distance Entry & Polar Tracking
    o Viewing your drawing – Zoom and Pan
  3.  Various Zoom Options
    o Drawing units
    o Limits
    o Using zoom options
    o Pan
  4.  More Object Types
    o Drawing Arcs & Polylines
    o Converting Polylines to Lines & Arcs
    o Converting Lines & Arcs to Polylines
  5. Advanced Editing Commands
    o Using Trim, Extend, Fillet & Chamfer
    o Offsetting & Mirroring Objects
    o Creating Arrays of Objects
  6. Drawing Precision
    o Using Object Snap & Object Snap Overrides
    o Function and Control Keys
  7. Changing Your Drawings
    o Selecting Objects for Editing
    o Moving & Copying Objects
    o Rotating, stretching & Scaling Objects
  8. Working with Layers
    o About Layers
    o Layer State – Lock/Freeze/Color/ Line type /Line thickness etc.
    o Changing an Object’s Layer
  9.  Annotation & Dimensioning
    o Adding, Formatting & Editing Multiline Text
    o Spell Checking Text
    o Using & Editing Hatch Patterns
    o Adding & Editing Dimensions
    o Basic Leaders
    o Selecting a Dimension Style
  10. Inquiry Information
    o Measuring a Distance & Area
    o Information about Objects
  11.  Blocks / Symbol Library
    o What are Blocks?
    o Using blocks to improve productivity
    o Using Design Center to Insert Blocks
  12. Views and Viewports
    o Controlling UCS Icon
    o Using View Manager
    o Creating Model Space Viewports
  13. User/Industry-specific
    o Question Answer
    o Miscellaneous commands specific for user industry
    o User/Industry-specific Extra Drawing Exercises
  14. Printing
    o Printing concepts
    o Layouts
    o Plot Settings & Preview

We are one of the best AutoCAD Training Institute for Mechanical Engineers. We also conduct Online Training and Corporate training on AutoCAD Mechanical.